CLIMMA marine air-conditioners

CLIMMA air conditioning systems for boats and yachts serve your comfort on board

The CLIMMA air conditioners impress with their compact design and are therefore ideal for smaller boats. The "Split 8" model is particularly compact, since the compressor and the evaporator can be installed separately in this system.

We offer you the compact systems with capacities from 3.500 to 16.000 BTU. These are suitable for cooling areas of approx. 6-18m². Thanks to the ecological refrigerant, the systems offers high efficiency and lower power consumption.

Every CLIMMA air conditioner is delivered as a set, which consists of the air conditioner itself, a control panel with a thermostat and a power pack. Furthermore, we offer you a pre-configured water kit for the integration of the seawater circuit for each system, as well as various air kits for the distribution of the conditioned air on board.

Since the compact models are preloaded monoblocs, installation on board is easy and possible without the use of special tools.