Minn Kota Trolling Motor Ulterra 80 BT / US2 / i-Pilot

4.751,10 €
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Only Ulterra features Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim, as well as your choice of i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link, and a multi-function foot pedal. You can stow, deploy and trim Ulterra from the remote or the foot pedal, meaning you never have to touch your motor again - unless you want to high-five it. Select models now available with Built-In MEGA Side and Down Imaging Sonar.

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Minn Kota Trolling Motor Ulterra 80 BT / US2 / i-Pilot
4.751,10 €
incl. 19% VAT , Free shipping (Standard)

Minn Kota Ulterr 80 BT / US2 / i-Pilot Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Pure luxury! The genes of these engines come from practice. Mount ULTERRA on the bow, get in, take a deep breath and have arrived in the world of upscale fishing. No one will smile at you if you visibly show emotion about the automatic lowering and raising of the power trim and the other advantages. Your fishing friends will also appreciate it when they see how easy it is to steer a boat through MINN KOTA Ulterra!

This model contains the integrated US2 Univer Sonar and the i-Pilot Bluetooth remote control and a foot pedal.

Features of the Minn Kota Ulterra series

Auto Stow & Deploy: Stow or deploy Ulterra just by pushing a button on your i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link remote, foot pedal or Humminbird fish finder.
Power Trim: Trim Ulterra up or down at the push of a button - on either the foot pedal, the i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link remote or a Humminbird fish finder. Adjust to changing fishing conditions without reaching down to your trolling Motor.
i-Pilot GPS Trolling System: The most-trusted GPS system in fishing. i-Pilot uses GPS to control your trolling motor with incredible features that keep you on the fish. Set Spot-Locks, record paths, control speed and steering, and more. i-Pilot makes boat positioning and control automatic, and you can take command from its easy-to-read large LCD Screen.
Spot-Lock with Jog: Just press a button, and Spot-Lock will hold you in place with unparalleled GPS accuracy. Available on i-Pilot GPS systems, Spot-Lock gives you the power to stay right on top of any productive fishing spot automatically, without touching your trolling Motor.
With the included heading sensor, you can use Jog to move your Spot-Lock location five feet in any direction. Activate Spot-Lock from the i-Pilot remote or Humminbird fish finder.
AutoPilot: Automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose. Just point the head of your trolling motor in the direction you want to travel, activate AutoPilot, and your trolling motor will keep you on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current.
Universal Sonar 2: Keeps your transducer and wiring completely concealed and protected, running everything through the trolling motor's shaft, with shielded connectors.
Indestructible Shaft: Guaranteed for Life: At the core of your Minn Kota trolling motor is an indestructible composite shaft. It's a Minn Kota exclusive, and they guarantee it for life.
Digital Maximizer: Provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge. These variable speed trolling motors let you dial in your exact speed, and they deliver only as much power as you need, helping to conserve your battery for a full day of fishing.
Cool Power: Every Minn Kota lower unit runs cool to extend trolling motor life, and stays quiet.
Weedless Wedge 2: With swept-back flared blades to power through anything without battery-draining chopping and hacking, the Weedless Wedge 2 is one of the most trusted props in fishing.
Mobile App: Control i-Pilot directly from your Apple or Android device with our mobile app. You get quick command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock and Advanced Autopilot - plus the ability to update i-Pilot Software.
Foot Pedal: Stow, deploy and adjust the trim on Ulterra - all from the foot pedal. You can even activate Spot-Lock with one tap. Includes 18' cord.
Battery Indicator: The i-Pilot remote can tell you the exact charge left in your trolling batteries, so you know how much time you have left on the water.

Specifications of this trolling motor

Model: Ulterra 80 BT / US2 / i-Pilot
For Use In: Freshwater
Motor Style: Electric-Steer
Max. Thrust: 80 lbs / 36,29 kp / 35,60 daN
Voltage: 24 Volts
Max. Power Consumption: 56 Amps
Max. Wattage: 1334 Watts
Shaft Length: 60" / 152 cm
Foot Pedal Style: corded foot pedal
Remote Control: i-Pilot / Bluetooth
Weight: ca. 15 kg
For Boat Weight Up To: 1800 kg
Manufacturer: Minn Kota
Category: Bow-Mount
SKU: 70590
GTIN: 0029402043002
Minn Kota‍: Bow-MountFreshwater24 Volt
Shipping weight‍: 20,00 kg
Item weight‍: 15,00 kg


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