Customizations for bimini tops

Verlängerungen für Bimini-Tops

Extension canvases

You can order lateral extensions, as well as front and rear extensions, for all our bimini tops. As standard, these extensions are always made of the same fabric and color as the bimini top itself. On request, the extensions can also be ordered in other shades according to the color chart.

Zippers are sewn into the bimini fabric itself as well as to the extensions during the production. This allows you to easily attach and remove them on board.

LED Beleuchtung für Bimini-Verdecke

Waterproof LED application

On request, a LED light bar can be integrated into the bimini during the production for each inner arch. If you only take one light band, it is generally sewn to the middle arch (for tops with 3 arches) or to the second from the front (for tops with 4 arches) of the bimini-top. If you want a different configuration, just let us know by leaving a message in the comment section while you place your order.

For bimini tops with 4 arches, we generally recommend using two LED strips for better illumination. The lighting elements have pre-installed cables with bare ends so that they can be connected flexibly to your 12 volt electrical system. (Control panel, battery, 12 volt plug, cigarette lighter, etc.)

Reißverschlüsse unter den Verdeckbögen

Zippers under the arches

With the biminis of the Royal, Prestige, Exclusive, Excellent, Superior and Front Superior model series, optional zips can be integrated on or under the cross braces (arches). This makes it very easy and convenient for you to remove the top from the frame for cleaning or impregnation at any time without having to disassemble the whole structure.

Racing Streifen Dekor für Bimini-Verdecke

Racing stripes for bimini tops

In order to make your bimini top and your boat look a little sportier, you have the option of having so-called "racing" stripes integrated into the fabric during the production of your bimini top. The same material that is used for the cover is generally processed here. You can choose any color from the entire palette (up to 16 colors, depending on the bimini model and the fabric used).