High-quality bimini top for high demands

The bimini top is used as a sun canopy for boats and offers boat users optimal sun protection when staying on the boat. During the warm summer months and long periods of sunshine, the bimini top provides pleasant shade and competent protection against the harmful effects of the sun. On extremely hot days, sunburn can quickly occur on the water, which is often noticed too late due to the cooling airstream. There is a suitable bimini top for almost every boat on offer, and if the boat is unusually large, it can be manually cut to size for the respective boat. The useful bimini top fits most motor boats as well as many sailing boats.

High performance bimini top with a long service life

Our bimini tops are made from either aluminum or stainless steel depending on the model you choose and has robust and reliable features. All og them are solidly handcrafted and precisely matched to the width of the boat. Only high-quality fabric is used as the canvas material for the bimini top. This is extremely light-resistant and convinces with long-lasting qualities. If lateral sun protection is also desired, additonal extensions are also availabe, this is the only way to provide this additional sun protection. For easy cleaning of the fabric, the canvas should get zippers under the arches so that the fabric can be removed quickly and easily without having to dismantle the entire frame.

Efficient bimini tops for all boat sizes

If only a relatively small bimini top is required, a pole with just three brackets is usually sufficient. This sun canopy is firmly supported at the rear and tensioned at the front with strong straps. Experience has shown that longer boats require a four-bracket frame, with a main bow firmly supported to the rear, a long outrigger facing forward, and two small clasps in the middle alignment. The complete bimini top of this variant is firmly supported both to the rear and to the front. The front, fixed outrigger is of great importance for stability, it also serves as a support during more violent boat movements when a walk to the bow is necessary. Most models can be folded up and rest on the back of the rear struts, for example on cloudy days when it is not useful.