KUS Instruments

The KUS brand is one of the world's leading instrument brands. The beginnings of the company go back to 1984. KUS is ISO9001, TÜV PED+AD2000 certified, among others. All products comply with CE regulations. Companies like Bayliner, SeaRay and many more have KUS yacht instruments on board. But also in the automotive industry, cars from Mercedes, Iveco, MAN, Nissan, Renault (to name a few) are equipped with KUS instruments.

All KUS Marine instruments with polished NIRO ring are waterproof up to 1 meter according to IP67. The glass is slightly curved and has excellent anti-fog properties. KUS instruments are easy to install, you can choose between red/orange or yellow lighting.

Regarding the KUS speedometers … paddle wheel sensors belong to the past! Boat speed and course are calculated from GPS signals supplied by a 32-channel receiver. KUS instruments are suitable for all types of boats and are completely independent of the rest of the boat's instrument system.

KUS Marine Instruments